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障壁画 襖絵 天井画 Murals and fusuma paintings

総本山 本堂内壁画、天井画、襖絵、各御堂襖絵(油彩も使われている)
襖 絵:総伽藍全体 総面積1,468.7㎡ 鳳凰及び蓮華の華が描かれている。

An “old dragon" on the ceiling of the Main Gate painted by the master artist Mr. Masahiko Misaka. On both sides of the old dragon, a pair of phoenixes is also painted. Phoenixes and lotus together with his head pupil Mr.
treasure of China, mobilizing the flowers are painted on gilded screens with the total area stretching as large as 1468.7㎡ in the temple buildings.


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