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飾金具 decorative metal fittings

Metal Engraving 飾金具



Buddhism has its origin in IndiaBuddhist cultures of China, Korea, and Japan are represented hereat the Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism.
It is the first construction of an authentic full-scale Buddhist temple since the erection of the main temple of Obakushu Buddhist Sect in 1661.A total of roughly 3.5 million people joined forces to construct the Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism and completed the entire temple in only seven years without even a single accident.The Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism, in its vast precincts of over 180 hectares, has the Front Gate, the North Gate, the South Gate, the Main Gate, the Washstand, the Ksitigarbha Hall, the Prince Shotoku Hall, the Five-story Pagoda, the North Bell Tower, the South Bell Tower, the Main Halls including the Amida Hall and the Sakyamuni Hall and the Avalokitesvara Hall, the Sutra Hall, the Merit-transference Hall, the Okunoin Hall, the International Buddhist Conference Hall, the Sangha Hall, and the Main Building. All the buildings are decorated with 10,524 sculptures and statues and more than 450,173 metal carvings.

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